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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Zoom in your screen on a Chromebook

One of the things I missed the most when using a Chromebook as a primary device was the ability the zoom in when presenting. I used this all the time on my Mac to focus on a specific area of the screen.

But it turns out there IS an easy accessibility feature enable that on a Chromebook. Just follow these simple steps to make it work:
 Go to Chrome OS Settings, and click on "Show advanced settings"
Scroll down a little...
Check the box to enable screen magnifier

That's it! Now you can press Ctrl + Alt + Brightness up or Brightness down, or (my preferred method) use Ctrl + Alt + two fingers scrolling up or down on the trackpad to magnify the screen. It even works when you are sharing your screen during a Hangout, which is pretty cool.


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